Log Furniture Facts & Characteristics
Our goal is to create high quality custom log furniture with personal
attention to detail and customer satisfaction.  The first step in keeping with
our goal is that we do not mass-produce our log furniture or get our logs
from a mill.  This allows us to be able to maintain top quality control in
each item that we make.  We cut dead standing lodgepole pine trees in the
beautiful forests of Montana that are naturally dried and seasoned.  We take
the extra time to peel the bark off of each log with a draw knife by hand.
Many log furniture companies claim to "hand-peel" their logs, but they still
use a milling process to take off the bark (and the character).  Since we use
such a hands-on approach during our process, we are able to carefully
inspect each log before using it.

Finish:  Over the years we have developed our own formula to provide
high-quality protection and long-lasting beauty for our furniture.  Our
premium urethane finish is specially formulated to provide excellent UV
blockers and form a protective barrier against moisture.  The finishing
process includes sanding down each piece by hand before and during the
finish application to achieve a beautiful smooth surface.  Custom staining is
available upon request.  For our customers who prefer a more rustic (less
smooth) appearance, we are happy to rough-sand each piece.  One of the
many benefits of handcrafting all of our products is that we can adjust our
process to meet each customer's specific requests.  

Connections:  Mortise and tenon joints provide maximum strength and
rustic beauty to our furniture.  All permanent mortise and tenon connections
are sealed with a high performance polyurethane adhesive.  We've found
this particular adhesive to be stronger than the wood, providing long-
lasting support and does not break down over time like most wood glues.  
All other connections that can be taken apart for moving purposes are
joined with lag bolts in the mortise and tenon joints.  

Step two is in the details.  The rustic character and natural beauty that our
customers love about our furniture is dependent on the unique qualities of
the logs we use.  This means that each piece is designed to fit each log’s
individual shape.  In creating the actual furniture, the following
characteristics naturally occur and lend to the overall appeal.  Beautiful
curves, bark stains, wood checking, knots, and warps in the wood cause
very inconsistent measurements, coloring, and spacing on all of our
furniture.  These types of characteristics are considered “character” and
are valued in the log furniture industry.  

The third step is to keep our customers informed with helpful details about
our products.  

Wood Checking:  One major detail about log furniture that you may not
have heard about is called “
wood checking”, which is mentioned in the
above paragraph.  Checking is a natural process that occurs in all logs and
is the usual result of wood seasoning.  It can range from very slight slivers
to cracks running the full length of the log to the heart of the wood.  This
cracking results from the wood releasing moisture and it normally occurs
across or through the annual growth rings of the log.  As logs dry, the wood
shrinks around the heart of the tree. As tension develops in the wood due to
shrinkage, the log splits to relieve tension.  It is important to note that
checking does not affect the structural performance or integrity of the wood.
As stated in the paragraph above, checking is not considered a defect but
adds to the rustic quality of the final product.  Since this is a key quality to
creating the rustic charm of our log furniture, we will not be able to issue
refunds because of wood checking, knots, cracks or other naturally
occurring character traits.

Log Character:  Because of our unique hands-on process of using a draw
knife to peel the bark off of each log, we are able to incorporate the best
that natural logs have to offer in our rustic furniture designs.  We've found
that each lodgepole pine log can vary greatly in color, including dark
streaks, reddish hues, and light bleached tones.  There are also surface
variations that include knots, crevices, cracks, and curves that enhance the
style and beauty of each piece.  As mentioned above:   Since this is a key
quality to creating the rustic charm of our log furniture, we will not be able
to issue refunds because of wood checking, knots, cracks or other naturally
occurring character traits.

We take the final step in keeping with our goal very seriously. Maintaining
the valuable relationships and trust of our customers is very important to
us.  We encourage you to contact us concerning any questions you may
have, or even just to share your thoughts and opinions.  Creating new
designs and customizing our existing furniture to meet your needs is just one
way that we strive to provide personalized attention.  We hope that you’ll
give us the opportunity to help you find everything you are looking for.

We are dedicated to
providing great
customer service.  
We encourage you to
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We offer dimensions
as a guide,
but they are not exact.  
Please let us know
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Custom orders
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We do not mill our
for mass production,
so you can be assured
that we
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in everything we do.
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