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~Furniture Construction
  • We reserve the right to change the construction or specification of any
    product at any time.  This allows for slight adjustments now and then in
    order to provide the best quality and "in-style" designs to our customers.
  • All dimensions are approximate.  Our products are designed and put together
    to make the most of the rustic character of the logs that are used.  Because of
    this, the outside measurements of each product (even comparing twin bed to
    twin bed) can be inconsistent.  
  • Any specific measurements and log characteristics that are requested by the
    customer may require item-specific price quotes.  We welcome custom
    orders.  Please share your preferences with us prior to placing your order so
    that we may be able to take them into consideration when processing your
  • All prices may be subject to change without prior notice and do not include
    sales tax, shipping, handling, delivery, or set-up charges.   
  • (We will honor the current published prices as issued on our web site.)
  • Shipping, delivery, installation and set-up are also available upon request.  
    Just ask us for item-specific charges that may apply to these services when
    placing your order.
~In-Stock/Not in-stock
  • Items may not be available in stock at all times.  Though we strive to provide
    this benefit of convenience, there are times when orders may exceed the
    amount of stock we have on hand.  We hope you will understand the amount
    of time that is involved in handcrafting each item.  Please let us know of time
    constraints at the time of your order and we will do our best to provide timely
  • Depending on the details involved per custom order, we allow a standard of 4
    to 6 weeks for completion.  This is just a general guideline, and some orders
    can be ready for pick up as soon as 1 week or may take up to 8 weeks.  
    Since we deal with each customer based on their individual needs and time
    constraints, we have the ability to adjust our timing to better facilitate a
    satisfying transaction.  Talk with us when placing your order if you would
    like to specify an estimated completion date.  Otherwise, we will mail or give
    you a purchase receipt including the estimated completion date when we have
    received 50% down payment.
  • We begin processing orders at the time we receive the down payment.  
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