Custom Handcrafted Items
View samples below.
Here is just a sampling of some of our custom work.
Each of these one-of-a-kind items were created with the customer in mind.  
We picked unique character logs to provide rustic elegance.
Since all of our furniture is handcrafted, we can alter measurements
and details on any item to fit your needs.  Contact us for a custom quote.
The custom items shown here have been sold, but can be re-created for you!
Click on each picture to view larger image.  
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Custom Stain Bunk
Custom 1-Piece Bunk
Grizzly w/ Character
Grizzly w/ Character
Custom Stain on Bunk with trundle
Custom 1-Piece Bunk Beds with Trundles
Custom Grizzly with Character Logs
Grizzly Twin with Character Logs
Custom Design: Sides
Kodiak w/ Character
Custom Aspen Bed
Headboard w/ Shelf
Example: Blue Pine
Custom Design Bed
Kodiak Bed with Character Logs
Aspen Queen Bed
Headboard w/ Shelf: Blue Pine Logs
Custom Design: Nigus
Aspen Headboard
Example: Character
Example: Character Log
Custom Design Bed
Aspen Headboard
Headboard with Character
Footboard with Character Log
Headboard: Character
Red Cedar Headboard
Headboard: Character
Custom Footboard
Custom Headboard: Character
Custom Headboard Design: Red Cedar
Custom headboard with character
Custom Footboard
Custom 4-Dwr. Chest
Giant 3-Dwr. Chest
3-Tier End / Nightstand
Bark Nightstand
Custom 4-Drawer Dresser
Giant 3-Dwr Chest: Log Front Drawers
3-Tier Log End Table / Nightstand
Bark Nightstand
Red Cedar Bench
Laser Engraved Wolf
Hope Chest: Aspen Trim
Dog Kennel End Table
Red Cedar Bench
Laser Engraving with Wolf Image
Hope Chest with Aspen Log Trim
Dog Kennel End Table
1-Dwr. Coffee Table
Chair/Ottoman Frames
Lawyer Cabinet
Aspen Wall Rack
Custom 1-Drawer Coffee Table
Log Chair & Ottoman frames - sold without cushions
Custom Log Lawyer Cabinet
Custom Aspen Wall Rack
Floor Lamp: Character
Antler Table Lamp
Table Lamp: Beaver Chew
Fencepost Antler Lamp
Custom Floor Lamp w/ Character
Custom Antler Table Lamp
Beaver Chew Table Lamp
Large Fencepost Antler Lamp
Log Mantel: Stain
Half-Log Mantel
Custom Log Railings
Log Stair Railing
Log Mantel: Custom Stain
Half Log Mantel with Log Supports
Custom Log Stair Railing
Custom Log Stair Railing
Footboard with Character Logs
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bed post with
your own unique
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Bed Post with Wood-Burned Brand
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Create Beautiful
Log Furniture To
Fit Your Style.
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